Bad blogger, worse tweeter.

Ah, it feels good to be blogging again. Not necessarily because I love typing or venting via this little blog, but because today I actually have a little spare time in my day to do something I feel like doing, rather than being bossed around by my clients.

My last 3 weeks or so have been positively hellish in my workload. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to complain because being busy means I'm paying my bills. I retreated to the couch for most of those days because working 14-16 hours in a row can get overwhelming at my desk, but are kind of relaxing and nice on my comfortable couch watching old episodes of Lost. But, once again, I've been slacking like crazy on my personal projects.

Anyway, I guess it goes without saying that professionally, life is good. I've only been doing the self-employed thing for about half a year, but already I have accumulated some really great clients and, while I certainly do have to go around and hunt for more work, I am already finding jobs coming to me without looking for them. It feels nice. I am still on the "warm-up" period in my career change, but things are going great.

Personally, life is great. Hill and I are approaching the impending wedding in a completely ass-backwards way, with the dress purchased and making plans for the wedding venue and honeymoon, although we are not even officially engaged yet. That's the one thing I want to do traditionally, with waiting until we have the ring. But I think we're getting close on that one too.

And Lost is back! Can life get any better right now?

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