Balloon Fest 2005

Unfortunately, there was no Friday night dinner with my boyz again this week. I got my weekly Polk fix on Wednesday at good 'ole Kouri's. Thursday was my big date with Angie. Friday I ate hot wings and drank a few beers with Fabish before he becomes a daddy (due any day now), followed by watching some crappy movie at Angie's.

Saturday I spent the majority of the day ripping out the old carpet and in my office, preceeded of course by throwing a bunch of stuff away and moving the remaining stuff into my living area. The carpet was really disgusting, and has been since I moved in. I was glad to get it up. That took the majority of the day, and that evening Angie and I took Jack to Balloon Fest and met with a bunch of other people. It was really fun, but really exhausting. I don't know how parents do it.

Sunday I went for my jog, took my dog for a walk, then headed out to buy a new floor for my office and a saw to cut it with. I started a bit later than I wanted to, and was surprised when plans for a barbeque popped up later in the evening. I got about 80% done, and it's looking very nice, if I do say so myself. If all goes as planned, I'll finish it up tonight. My plan is to repaint my front porch this weekend, which means my whole lower level of the house will have been redone and lookin' hot.

Anyhoo, I was interrupted for the barbeque. I ate Cheddar Wursts and played Washers and Snake Golf. I followed that up with some sittin' on my couch, then I went to bed. And that was my exciting weekend.

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