Barely 24 hours after losing an illustration job...

... I get this email back in reply to an email I sent yesterday:

Thanks for writing, Tim. I had a look at your web site. A few items did not
load properly, unfortunately. But overall you seem to be a talented artist.
I've bookmarked your site for future reference.

Out of curiosity, how are you with historical figures? We have a book about
ninja clans almost ready for printing but we find ourselves in need of some
additional illustrations. If you have some JPG samples of your more
"realistic" subjects I'd love to see them.

Mark Arsenault

President, Gold Rush Games |
Director of Communications, Game Publishers Assoc. |

Dude, drawing ninjas for money. How cool is that? Anyway, even if this never leads to anything of any importance, it's encouraging that someone actually replied so quickly. Maybe I don't suck at this whole art thing. Maybe I can make it as a professional illustrator. Go Tim.

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