Bat Attack, part 2

While it's still fresh in my mind, I'd like to tell you a story about the 2nd bat attack in as many weeks.

Fabish and I were just getting back from seeing AI, which I will update you on later, don't worry. I was walking to the back door of the apartment, which is just off a laundry room. I was talking to Fabish about nothing in particular as I put my key in the door and turned. I glanced over to my immediate left for a second and saw a big brown blotch. I didn't really know what it was, so I put my head in close to examine. As I did, it twitched a little bit, and I jumped back about 4 feet and yelled "Holy Fuck! It's a fucking bat!" I don't really know what was running through Fabish's head, but he put his face as close as I just had, then he jumped back too. He only jumped back about 2 feet, and he didn't yell nearly as much as I did.

So, we stood there, examining our options. I was all for killing another bat. But Fabish thought it looked cool, so he was intent on getting it out of the building alive. Using my method of taking of your shirt and hitting bats with it, he took off his shirt, and hit the bat with it. Unlike my bat run in, the bat did NOT, repeat, did NOT, fly around the laundry room. Instead he dropped, not flew, but dropped, a few feet onto a nearby table. Fabish then proceeded to grab a bucket and put the bat inside, using his shirt to cover the top of it. I stood back in horror, remembering my own run in and the horrible things it had done to my brain.

With the bat in a bucket, we made our way outside. As we exited, I maintained that we should just kill it. Fabish had changed his "it looks cool" arguement into the much more effective "It may be Batman or Dracula" arguement, which was much more effective, I must say. He uncovered the bucket, and we shielded our eyes, fully expecting the bat to fly out and attack one or both of us. Just like the plot of AI (foreshadowing of a not-yet made post) it was anticlimatic, and no bat flew out. In fact, nothing happened. I told Fabish to just fling the bat out of the bucket, and it would surely fly away.

He flung the bucket like a champ, and the bat took off. For a split second. Then it crashed to the ground and limped around a bit, not unlike the bat I knocked out of the air. The thing was obviously injured, and I refused to take it in as a pet, as per Fabish's suggestion. We sat there staring at this stupid bat that was on the ground for a few minutes before the crazy old lady walked out.

I wish I would have had my camera with me, as this would have been great footage. She mumbled on and on for like 5 minutes, and I couldn't make out one word. Finally I just started laughing uncontrollably. It's really horrible, I know, but the whole situation ending with an insane lady blabbering to us was just too much for me to handle.

We listened to the old lady for almost a minute before just giving up on understanding her and walking inside, ignoring the rest of whatever it is she was saying. Fabish said he made out "bat" "weather" and "inside". I didn't get any of that.

That was my adventure this evening. Later I'll update you on the entire events, which were just as... um... eventful.

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