The BBBQ this

The BBBQ this weekend went as well as we anticipated, even factoring in the rain and the insideness of the first family BBBQ.

The family BBBQ was good times all around and people even mingled between families by the end of it. Everyone who had never seen our house gave some nice compliments and those who had seen it marveled at what we were able to do to the kitchen. Good stuff.

The friends BBBQ went even better. I tended to the grill and cooked up some good 'ole Cheddarwursts and burgers and hot dogs for everyone and we went through a ton of brew, with still a ton left to drink. I don't know what we'll do with it all, except maybe drink it.

Highlights were the chair Wolford broke, Fabish's stories involving Panga, winning a dollar for hitting Wolford in the back with a bottle cap (twice), and the fact that both of my circles of friends were there, although they didn't quite mix it up.

The best highlight is just knowing that it's over and we can go on with our lives without a bunch of work every night preparing for that silly thing.

Yesterday was a lazy day, and it was good.

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