Being a bitch really gets you places in life.

I just learned this lesson recently. Recently being in the last year or 2. I've always been polite to people, especially when they will be providing me a service. In my customer service jobs I always reacted better to people who treated me like a person rather than someone who were threatening and stern. Well, things have changed I think.

In Chicago it took them nearly a month to hook up my phone line. During this time I was very polite when I called them, even though it was wasting my quarters at pay phones or making very large cell phone bills. Eventually I had enough and yelled when I called them. My phone line was hooked up in a matter of a day or 2.

I had a charge on my credit card I didn't make. When I was polite, it showed up on my bill month after month. When I yelled... guess what, it disappeared.

I'm trying to move out of my house. I've been trying since August 1st... that was the date they gave me when the apartment would be done. Well, we're coming up on November 1st and they're guessing November 10th. I've been extremely patient and had a good attitude about things so far. Well, last night I was thinking about it in depth. Ya know how when you think about things like that it starts getting your blood boiling? Well, that's what happened. So, I emailed my landlord a kind of nasty letter about how I've been postponed, as well as my plans and my parent's plans, etc. etc. etc. etc. and about 42 more etc.'s. So, early today I get a phone call saying I can move into a large 4 bedroom, for free, until they finish up my 3 bedroom. Then I would need to move my junk down 1 level when it's done. Well, my moaning comes through for me once again.

For any of you who want to get something done, my advice to you is to bitch bitch bitch. That is all. Carry on.

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