Big day today

Big day today already. We woke up nice and early and made the trip to Wal-Mart for some paint for the front of our house. We got home and I did some more digging and preparing for a paint job, and the whole time I was bothered by the un-levelness of the porch and how the drooping caused my awesome retaining wall to look crooked.

We made another trip to Lowes looking for floor jacks to straighten 'er out, but came up empty handed. Then it was on to Menards where we had better luck. Came home and crawled around on my belly under my porch in the nasty, nasty dirt setting up these jacks and lifting the porch about half an inch in the center and maybe a quarter inch on the sides. It made an amazing difference and looks much straighter now. With a coat of paint on the lower porch it looks MUCH nicer, and sometime soon I'll repaint the white and the house will look good as new. We just need to replace the numbers. They're ugly.

Anyway, that's the update on the housework for today. Once we're all done, the house will look completely different. Hopefully by the end of the weekend it'll be done with the exception of the flowers. Still, it'll look awesome.

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