Big Few Days

Ya know, I'm a fan of the snow. Big fan. The more snow, the better. But that philosophy was put to the test on Friday when I woke up to so much snow I couldn't open my back door. Still I maintained a good attitude, happy to have a a fresh snow fall as I got ready for work. I drive a Wrangler, so I figured I could slap it into 4-wheel-drive and make it... well, anywhere, really.

And I made it to work without any big hang ups. Right as I pulled into my driveway I got the call from someone from work saying we had a snow day! I was mostly happy, but kind of pissed I'd waken up early. Ah well. I just turned around and started the trek back home.

The ice on my windshield got worse and worse and the snow got deeper and deeper. I got totally stuck on a snow bank. I got out and made use of the only tool I had available- the ice scraper. I got on my hands and knees and scraped out the snow from under my Jeep until I could see the ground enough to make contact with the tires. The scooping/digging process took about half an hour and I ripped my pants and shirt in the process.

Anyway, so I got back on the road and made my way home in a very backwards way, since all the main roads had people stuck in them and I couldn't get around. The plow had been by on my street, which was good except the drift that the plow had made blocked my driveway, making me do about another half hour of digging just so I could get out of the street.

I saw a guy stranded about half a block up, so I made like a good Samaritan and tried to help him out, and without getting into the story again (it's long and would put me in a bad mood to recount this jerk's reaction), that act of kindness didn't turn out so well. I got home with ripped pants that were frozen solid and ice crystals in my hair, needless to say in a very pissed off mood.

To cheer myself up a little, I went next door and drank some beers, played some board games, watched some movies, cooked a turkey and mashed potatoes, and had a great, awesome, ultimately perfect snow day with friends. Bad morning, but the rest of the day was awesome.

And in other news, I'm heading up to a Chicago suburb tomorrow to pick up my new Jetta. Yep, it's a 2005.5 Jetta, new body style, diesel. It gets about 50 miles per gallon, and I plan on filling it up with 11% biodiesel from a station near my parents' house. I'll get into that with more details after the car has been picked up. I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats.

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