The big move, the new house.

Yep, this weekend was the big move. I guess I picked a pretty poor weekend to move, with it being a holiday and everyone and their mother having something else to do. I called pretty much everyone in my phone book and emailed everyone in my address book, but when the big day came only about 5 people showed up to do some heavy lifting and packing.

Moving is one of those chores which will always suck, but gets exponentially less sucky the more people who show up. So Saturday was kind of sucky, pretty rainy, and very long. I followed up the longest moving day ever with a couple of beers, hot wings, and a friend's 30th birthday party.

Sunday I did some work around my new place, unpacked, yadda yadda. Monday was more of the same.

The new house is shaping up nicely. I have absolutely no kitchen... no cabinets, no sink, no counter, no fridge... My bathroom is almost done, but I have no medicine cabinet or mirror. Or door. But it's livable.

Also, JACKPOT! I found $40 in an old shoebox filled with all sorts of old stuff I keep for keepin's sake. It's jam-packed with photos, old pay stubs from the movie theater I used to work at, concert ticket stubs, birthday cards, etc. It's kind of my "important box of memories" you see in movies and stuff, but I haven't added to mine since I got out of college. Anyway, so I was taking a trip down memory lane and looking through all these old cards, and found a graduation card with some cash inside! I also found some gift certificates for Steak n Shake, which is awesome.

I also found some of the stuff I used to write when I was a melodramatic 15 year old. It's totally crazy looking back and reading about where I was at almost half my life ago. If emo kids existed back then, I definitely would have been one of them. Instead I was one of the alternateen guys, which I guess was about the same, really.

Anyway, my goal was to move out of my old house with less stuff than I moved in with. I know it's a shocker to the people who helped me move, but I think I can safely say: mission accomplished. I've spent the last year or so really trying to streamline my life, getting rid of the stuff I don't need anymore or will never use again. I don't think I moved much garbage from one house to the other, although I'll probably find some garbage during the unpacking period.

Man, this has gotten long. Sorry.

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