A big thank

A big thank you goes out to my sis for assuming one of my cell phone contracts, saving me $175 and a pain in my ass. She gets a free cell phone and a short contract, and I get my out of jail free card, and it all works out for everyone. A weight off my shoulders, foshizzo.

Tonight was Kouri's with Polk and The Brandon and The Kristi, and later is Jukebox with Polk and the dude from Just Shoot Me, where hopefully I'll see Lenny and get to meet the celebrity up close and personal following the shizzo.

Last night was me and Polk and Johnny watching Last Comic Standing and cracking up at Johnny crashing his motorcycle on his third day of ownage. Peace out, Jessica, you fucking fatty with the eyebrows and funny face. Here's a short lesson on what's not funny with the stand up comedy:

  1. Funny faces
  2. That's all.

Stop doing those thing.

Tomorrow is Octoberfest, or however those crazy Nazis spell it, and I'm totally in for a good time like a few years back when I got all fubar with Mullens and Fabish with the free drinks and the flirting with old ladies.

The BLANDON. Muahahahaha! Being forgetful cracks my shit up. MUAHAHAHHAHAHA!

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