The big Three One.

 Well, life goes on, I get a year older. Yesterday I hit the big 31, which is sort of a wasted birthday if you ask me. I guess as the years wear on and there's fewer and fewer monumental birthdays, the ones between them lose their appeal. The wife was way more excited about my 31st than I was, and it came and went without any big to-do, which is the way I prefer it.

Hill got me and my new office all decked out with some fancy wall decor, making my home-away-from-home that much more inviting and cozy. It's strange that I got sick of working from home, so I got an office only to then go decorate that office like it was my home. 

The office is really helping with the whole work/home separation, and in strange ways motivating me to do better with my career. I feel like after 2 years, I've gotten the freelance web developing business under control, and it may be time to focus on my real passion... illustration. It took 2 years to get my web design business into self-maintaining and thriving mode, so I suppose I can use that same amount of time to get an illustration business off the ground. If I spend my 33rd birthday celebrating as a freelance illustrator, I think I'll be at the point where my life couldn't really get all that much better.

In totally unrelated news, after over 10 years of never hitting an animal, I've run over a suicidal squirrel and the world's stupid pigeon in the last few days. I feel like a murderer.

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