Blog Neglect

 I hate neglecting this blog, but work has definitely taken a front-seat to my entire life. The work-life balance in my freelance career was always nearly impossible for me to get a good grip on, but I've been making some good strides in that arena lately.

The wife got a great job at a local hospital, and since she now works a mostly-normal schedule I've been trying to adopt her working hours, and when she's not at work I try not to be as well. I have varying degrees of success with this technique, since she's 2nd shift and I still have client meetings during the day. I've also started renting an office downtown, which means I can work at my office and then come home. When I'm home, I don't work. Mostly.

We're currently trying to sell our house, and having very little luck in that arena. Its a bad time to be selling, and we knew that getting into it. But I don't think we realized that it'd be nearly impossible to even get people to look at the house. It's been frustrating.

Work, however, couldn't be better. I'm very busy but with deadlines that are mostly not-immediate, I can take my time and do a good job for the most part. I'm also really close to securing a really excellent contract... the type of contract that I've been dreaming about since beginning my career. If I get the contract and luck out just a tad, it means I could have some time to focus on establishing my illustration career. My fingers have been crossed, and will remain that way until I get this contract.

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