Books Books Books

So I was checking over my finances and comparing them to what I owe and what I expect to be coming in, and I actually had some cash to burn. Sure, I could have been responsible and saved it, but what fun is that? Instead I ordered a bunch of books from 3 books on Flash ActionScripting (2 on fun and games if you can believe that), and one called "The Business of Illustration", focused on making illustration a full time job. It should be an interesting read, and hopefully one I'll learn a lot from it. Plus it's a tax write-off, my new favorite reason to buy anything.

Last night I went up to DeKalb to visit Jaimee and see TMBG. They played an awesome show, although they played too many songs from Mink Car that I didn't know. I like singing along at concerts, and it's hard to do that when they play songs I don't know. Anyway, it was a really good time. It was the 4th time I had seen my boys in concert, and the second best show I've seen them play. My favorite show was the first time I saw them, when they formed an 800 person conga line to "No One Knows My Plan" all around the Madison Theater.

And Callahan just asked me if I wanted to see New Found Glory November 2nd. If I end up going, that will be a bunch of really great concerts in a row, after a really long dry spell of no concerts.

And finally, I am REALLY close to securing a CD-ROM job that I would *love* to get. It's about mosquitos and it's for a job in Los Angeles. The lady I've been talking to is rooting for me, but needs to approve me to a whole council or something. I've got to send her some more samples and some references. That will be the 3rd package I've sent to her regarding this job... It certainly is a lot of work to get the job, but I just know it will be worth it if (or should I say when?) I get it. Last I heard she was still waiting for funding, so I hope that goes through. I'd hate to be doing all this for nothing.

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