Boy did last

Boy, did last night suck.

It was Alan's 21st, so I volunteered to take him out to dinner, and pay, of course. We had plans set up, but he wanted to go to the DMV and get his license updated first. It was about 4:30, so I figured he'd be home by 5:30, which is abotu dinner time, so all is well. 6:30 rolls around, then 7. I finally get the call saying dinner is off, so I had a very late dinner of chips and salsa. Mmm mmm good. We hit the bars around 9... the original group was me, Fuller, Angie, Laura, and Amanda (Alan's sister). I've had a falling out with Fuller, although we're back on good terms. Angie tries her best to not talk to me. Laura I hate, and Amanda I don't know well. So I spent my time at Gorman's talking to Fuller mostly, and occassionally Alan. Later in the night Erica, Alan's ex, stopped by and we chatted for 15 or 20 seconds. She brought along Julie, who I also don't like. Finally Callahan, Fabish, and KJ got there and saved me from the horrible time I was having. We played "drinking and driving", which is when you play those race car video games with a beer in one hand, steering with the other. I played Alan, and let him win, of course. After all, it was his birthday.

Then it was time for downtown. Our little group mostly stuck together and didn't talk to Alan's friends much. We also left early, around 1:30 or 2, before they went to Big Al's. I like a trip to Big Al's every now and then, but I really didn't want to spend the money, and I was sort of tired anyway. Plus, last time I went to Big Al's was on my birthay, almost exactly a month ago. I figure if I went to a strip club 2 months in a row, some would describe that kind of thing as "consistent". I don't want to be considered someone who frequents strip clubs. Twice a year is good enough for me.

And tonight is the big party. Yee haw. I am just so excited. No, really. I can't wait. I may be social for a while, but I think I'll spend a lot of time in my room tonight.

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