Breaking tradition

'sup dawgs? I know, it's not often (okay, it's never) that I post in this here journal from home, but I'm doing it now. Why, you ask? Well, because I am so absolutely bored off my ass and can't think of anything else to do.

So, the question was "why does people falling asleep on your couch bother you so much?" and the answer is....

... it just does. Not because of the event per say, but because of all the reasons for it. Let me give you 2 stories.

  1. A friend of mine, Brice, knows how much it pisses me off when people fall asleep on my couch. Still, he falls asleep. I tried to wake him up at about 9, and he called me a dick and went back to sleep. Then at 9:30 I woke him up again, because he had to work. He called me a dick again, then he called me an asshole for not waking him up earlier. Oh, but I can live with that. The next week he drops by, unannounced, at about 9:15. Now, keep in mind that when I'm not doing anything else, I tend to be asleep by 10:30 to accomodate my early work schedule, as well as my stay-out-too-late habits. This particular night I was really tired anyway, and about to go to sleep.

Still, he comes over and suggests we go out and rent a movie. I say no, because I'm tired and really just want to go to sleep. He grabs a movie and throws it on anyway, so by this point I've decided that I guess I'll stay up. He ate my cookies, then he drank my beer, then he fell asleep on my couch. I woke him up and told him he was a bit inconsiderate for keeping me up, meanwhile he just falls asleep on me. He told me to stop being so anal.

I woke him up about 2 more times within the next 10 minutes, both times him telling me he was just blinking, and was wide awake. So, the 3rd time I sat there and watched as he slept for like 45 seconds. I woke him up and told him to go home, so I could get some sleep. He called me a dick, again, for "kicking him out" when in fact, I had never even invited him. That's story 1 why it pisses me off.

  1. My other dumb friend, Mullens, falls asleep everywhere all the time. THAT really pisses me off. Not because of the act, again, but because of the inconsiderations surrounding the act. He always tells me what a "pussy" I am on the rare occassion that I turn down an invitation to go out when I have to work the next morning. He always brags about how he sleeps only 5 hours a night, and stays out late every night. Yet, when we watch a movie at 7:30 at night, he falls asleep on my couch. Yeah, you're a stud. The last time it happened was right after he drank my beer, took over my remote control, and used my phone without asking. Then after he fell asleep I just said "fuck it" and came online to waste some time. When he woke up he called me boring and left.

Truthfully, if I had a really considerate, nice, understanding friend who had a rough day and fell asleep on my couch, I wouldn't mind it. Unfortunately it's my dickhead friends that always do it. Go figure.

So, I've done nothing tonight thus far, and will not do anything else tonight. I'm probably going to sleep very soon here. Since I don't really have anything to update you guys on tomorrow, I'll just bitch about my friends some more. Sound good? Good.

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