busy at work.

I typed more stuff for the video department today, then opened images he's too stupid too open. I could do this junk when I was 14. Now at 21 I'm getting frustrated that people think I can't do anything else.

I had this weird dream last night. I don't even remember most of it. All I remember is turning around very quickly, seeing something, then waking up in a cold sweat. I laid there for like 40 minutes, just staring at my clock. I wasn't very tired after that. Weird things run through your mind when you're laying there like that.

The main thing on my mind lately is the Jill/Julie thing, so you can bet that was getting a lot of my attention. Ever since I originally thought I was getting my apartment I had been planning my housewarming. A big, everyone-is-invited-and-the-beer-will-be-good-and-plentiful get together. Jill/Julie was supposed to meet my friends that night, just as she was supposed to many, many other nights. Well, I finally have this confirmed date for the party... November 18th.

I broke my vow of silence with her last night. She sent me an IM, so we chatted for a while. I told her the date for my party. She knew how important it was for me for her to be there, but told me "it's a bad night". She promised her math group she would hang out with them that night. WHAT ABOUT ME? Didn't she promise me that she'd be there? A long time ago? Who has priority? I guess now we know. Not only that, but she said she had a date, so she was already double booked. She knows exactly how to kick me square in the nuts, even from 50 miles away. God I hate this. I wish I had the nuts to tell her to fuck off, but I take her shit time and time again. I don't do that with anyone else.


Last night I packed some junk into my mom's minivan and moved it into my apartment. It was almost all kitchen stuff, since that's the only finished room so far. Then I went to a Chinese restaurant with Fabish and his roommate. Then I went home, watched half of MI-2, and fell asleep on my couch circa 9:30. I'm an exciting guy, I tell ya.

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