car shopping woes

Man, who knew buying a car would be so tough? Well, I guess I knew it, since I've been through this whole deal before. But the last car I bought was the Jeep, and that was nearly 6 years ago! Man, how crazy is that?

Anyway, so now I'm on a quest for a Jetta diesel which are expensive and hard to find, so I'm looking at them in places like New Hampshire and Texas. Then you've got to factor in age of the car and how that correlates to interest rates and how long I can borrow the dough for. Then there's the problem of shipping the car from wherever I buy it from.

Well, life barrels on. I'm succeeding very well at keeping my schedule full, spending time with friends and family and not really being bored too much.

I'm also in the very beginning stages of considering selling my house. I'm running out of home improvement projects. After a coat of paint on a couple of doors, a new floor upstairs, and some sort of something-or-other on my stairs, I'm done. While living in a "done" house sounds appealing, what'll I do with all my free time I used to spend on home improvement? And moving away from the party house next door? Maybe I'll stick it out a couple more years.

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