Cargo pants

So as I sort through all my stuff and get re-organized, I'm finding stuff I forgot I had. Some of this stuff in my old cargo pants. I found a pair that used to be my favorite... you know the type, with the legs that unzipped, turning cargo pants into cargo shorts. Sweet.

My excitement faded as I started to realize that I think it's lame to wear cargo pants now. I don't really see anyone with them anymore. Cargo shorts, sure. Pants, no way. I folded them up and put them at the bottom of my drawer, hoping that eventually they'll come back into style and I can wear them proudly. Children will see them and marvel at the zippers that hold the lower half of the pant in place.

Anyway, it's been busy times for me lately. Today after work I'm painting my kitchen, sealing my bathroom floor, painting a cabinet or 2, and trimming/installing a door.

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