I've conceeded. I've admitted defeat. I've accepted failure. I'm going to have credit card debt either my entire life, or until I get married. That's just a fact of life now, and there's no need any more to adjust my life in a futile effort to pay back my creditors. I thought I'd be out by now, but every time I get close, something hits me that puts me right back in debt. Such is life. My newest necessary purchase was a flat screen monitor to replace my old one that's been on its last legs for a while now.

Speaking of which, I had to conceed on that purchase as well. After price checking at Circuit City, American, and a few local computer shops, the cheapest flat screen monitor I could find was at (and I'm ashamed to admit it) Best Fucking Buy. If it was only cheaper by $10 or $20, I would have kept my ban on the company. But it was $60 cheaper. For $60, I didn't have much of a choice but to shop there. It wasn't as unpleasant as I expected. It was my first purchase there in 3 or 4 years. It'll be my last until I can help it, as well.

The rest of the weekend was good too. Angie and I went to East Peoria getting lost on the new 74 on the way for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was way too crowded, so we walked next door to Chili's instead. Then we saw the 40 Year Old Virgin.

The next day I just ran errands and cleaned some stuff and other normal Saturday stuff. I didn't do much of anything that night, either. Sunday I ate lunch with my parents, then went bowling with Angie. Later in the day I helped a buddy move some furniture with some help from other buddies, then went to The Burger Barge to celebrate the fact that we just moved a lot of heavy stuff.

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