Well, I finally did it. I made the swap from my old proprietary CMS over to Drupal. There's a lot of factors involved with why I made the swap, but they're nerdy and don't particularly need to be focused on too much. Long story short, Drupal allowed me to import my almost-10-year-old Livejournal, along with writing some custom modules that allowed me to import my other 2 old blogs into the new Drupal framework.

Since it's Drupal, there's other cool tools for my iPhone and such that my blogging much more easy and convenient, including pics and GPS location logged directly from my phone right here. I'm a semi-decent developer I guess, but I could never create these types of tools from scratch. 

Anyway, the site will still be growing and changing in the coming weeks and months as I add new modules and content, but I hope that this new framework encourages me to type here a little more frequently. If my work will calm down a little I think that's a good possibility.

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