Day 2 of

Day 2 of driving around dropping off my demo reel to anyone that would watch. Today was better than yesterday in some respects, worse in others.

The better parts: I dropped off 4 demo reels, leaving only 3 or 4 left to get rid of. 2 people expressed interest. They don't have jobs for me just yet, but said they "sometimes get offers they don't know how to do", and suggested I could help them out. So hopefully something will pan out there.

The worse parts: I got so incredibly lost on more than one occassion. Peorians should just stick to Peoria, I think. I made the trek into Pekin, and my God, that is one ass-backwards town. I swear the guy who designed the roads there must have been laughing his ass off as he drew the plans. At one point I was at an intersection of 3 streets, all of which named "Court". How the fuck does that happen? How in the world can one street intersect itself 3 times in one area? Amazing. 2 way streets turned into 1 way with absolutely no advance notice, causing you to either unwillingly turn down an unknown street or face cars headed the wrong way. Streets stopped for blocks at a time, then started again a half mile later. I couldn't believe Pekin is a real place. Then I headed into Washington. Christ, don't even get me started on Washington. So, I'm on Washington Road when it finally ends, sort of. It doesn't really end, it just sort of drives into a big fountain. There's a weird ass diagram that says "Washington Rd." with a picture below of what sort of looks like a 'cent' symbol, only minus the line that goes through the "c". Follow? Anyway, I figure this means I drive around the God damn fountain and I'll be on Washington Road again. Nope. I'm on Peoria Street. Finally I pull into a gas station and ask how to get back to Washington Road. Apparently Washington Road is called Peoria Street for 3 blocks right after this "Washington circle" nonsense, then it goes back to Washington Road. Anyway. That sucked.

So, I get home and it turns out I have an unpaid job. It's more of a consoltation job, really. I give this guy some information on how to create a webcam and in return he gives me some free web space. So far, all is well. Then it turns out that this webcam is for an adult page, in which a young lady will take her clothes off and a dirty old man jerks off to it and pays. Okay... I thought. The free web space they're giving me is on a porn server. Porn space is very expensive, and when you have a porn site you're pretty much guaranteed to make craploads of cash. But it's sort of a moral dilemma... will I be selling my soul to the devil in making money off porn? Will it compromise my integrity? Questions questions.

I just did something I probably shouldn't have... I bought Total Recall and Blood Simple on DVD. Good movies, but I don't know if I really have the cash to go out and buy DVDs anymore...

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