Death of an iMac

I've been preoccupied with hobbies lately. I get excited at the prospect of free time and how to fill it being a productive member of society. Unfortunately one of my productive days where I was going to work on my website was thwarted by my iMac's hard drive dying a premature death. I suppose its a good time, right before the baby is born and I'll actually need the computer for loading up photos and videos to annoy friends and family with. 

6 months ago, this would have been devastating. Even though I keep good back ups and it's likely no data has been lost in this little mishap, when I was self-employed taking a few days off to dismantle and repair and restore the computer would have been stressful and devastating. Instead I'm a little anxious about the thought of my backup failing, but other than that, I feel ok.

We're getting close to the birth of our little girl, and I'm feeling really good about everything we've done to prepare and everything we have left to do. The computer crash throws a bit of a wrench in our plans, but its just a minor speedbump.

And now, this is the last post I'll make for a while about appreciating not being self-employed anymore. Swearsies.

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