Dodged a bullet

Well, my dad broke the news to me the other day that they were seriously looking at moving into a new house. It bothered me more than it probably should have. I finally came to terms with it and was happy that they were moving into a nicer place. Then they told me the plans were off, and they'd be staying put since the new place's neighborhood association wouldn't let him build a garage as big as he wanted. It was disappointing, I guess. My parents deserve to live wherever they want, although the thought of my first Christmas morning spent in another place kind of bothered me. Without tradition and family, what have you got? Well, friends, I guess. But still.

I sure had a crappy night's sleep last night. After my 6 mile run and 3 mile walk with the dog, I shoulda been all sorts of worn out. But I just tossed and turned and woke up a lot during the night. I'm all tired as all get out today.

This weekend will be super-sweet. The possibility of me jumping out of an airplane is high. Even if I don't jump out of an airplane, I'm still going on a hot date with a hot girl to a hot place, and then heading to the boat to warm up my gambling skills for my trip to Vegas that's coming up in just over a month. And, of course, Kouri's on Friday. Add all those things up, and you have my life ruling out loud right now. Oh, happy day.

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