Doug finally gave

Doug finally gave me the thumbs up to plug his internet connection back in. Over the past couple days, his girlfriend has stopped by.. oh, roughly 10,000 times to ask me why it wasn't working. I mean, I make my living off the internet. I hunt for jobs, buy and sell on eBay, etc., but I don't think I'd freak out if my internet was taken away for a couple days. I'd find other ways to occupy my time.

In other news, my eBay auctions are doing splendidly. I love selling my old junk, and I love seeing when I get bids. It's great.

In more news, jogging has become harder lately. Strange, because I thought it was supposed to get easier as I did it. Oh well. I'll keep at it and hopefully it will get easier again. I've been losing weight steadily, which is good, and I don't believe I've gained any since I started losing. All my fat pants are way too loose, and even my size 36 shorts are getting on the loose side.

And finally, my last piece of non-news, I haven't shaved for about 4 days and I am growing some impressive stubble. I even have way more of a mustache than I thought I could have. So, I have decided to simply trim and see what kind of a full beard I can grow. More than likely, it will end up lame and patchy and I'll shave it off before it even finishes growing in. But still, it's been more than a year since I experimented and I think it's time to try again.

And thus ends the lamest entry in the history of lame entries.

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