Drama drama drama.

I skipped my art class last night. But I guess I'll get to that later.

Work yesterday sucked. I had things to do that were horribly boring, and I'll hopefully be finishing them up today. But the worst part of work was when I was about to leave. For the sake of everyone involved, I won't get into specifics, but it made me feel horrible. I couldn't stop thinking about it, which is a horrible thing for me, because it just lingers, then gets annoying, then makes me mad, and on and on.

I had to clear up whatever it was that was upsetting me, so I called some of my friends who can always help me get things straight in my head. And they did.

But then it was time to confront it directly, which is way harder than talking to other people about it. But, I did it and felt much better afterwards, in a weird way. But, since it's me, I couldn't stop thinking about it and got more and more flustered by it. So, I did what every guy in my position would do. I went out and bought some toys.

I got a new 3 disk DVD player. It's pretty cool.

I skipped my art class because of the above reasons. To draw, I have to have nothing on my mind, and last night I had everything on my mind. There was no way I could have done well, and since I'm always slightly annoyed by my teacher, I knew I should avoid her too. So, I watched Die Hard 3 (did I mention I bought the Die Hard DVD set?), and went to bed, sort of.

I can never sleep with this much on my mind, which was okay because there was a party going on in the apartment above mine, so I couldn't sleep anyway. I went into the game room and was up for literally hours. You could hear the shitty sounding bass from the other side of the apartment, and it was driving me insane. It finally stopped around 2 am, so I went to my bed, but still not to sleep. I just couldn't sleep.

I finally got to sleep at some unknown hour, and woke up this morning around 7:30, which is half an hour later than usual. I was late to work today.

Fabish was supposed to drop Abby off at my place yesterday, but instead washed her and didn't want to drop off a wet dog. Whatever. I was too busy watching Die Hard to care too much. I left him my key so hopefully he can drop her off while I'm at work.

And that was my night. Drama drama drama. At least it's more interesting to read than "I got drunk last night", right?

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