Dynamic Graphics is

Dynamic Graphics is making it really, really fucking hard to get an interview. I called yesterday so she could set up an interview after looking over my incredibly awesome web site, at which point she requested that I send her samples of sites I've worked on. I told her that, because of some documents I signed before leaving Iona, I was unable to show her any of the sites that I did while working there. That was no excuse to her. So I sent her a small list of a few that I've done as freelance jobs and what I did on those sites. Tomorrow I'll call and bug her again.

I guess it's encouraging. I mean, they didn't just blow me off and tell me to go away. Plus, this process may weed out any competitors I may have. We'll just have to see if this whole experience will work in my favor or not. It's the waiting that sucks, though. My interview at Pudik is a week from tomorrow, and I'd feel great about it if there weren't so many unemployed people out there right now. I really need one of these jobs to work out.

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