The effects of the fast/Artisitic inspiration.

Now that I've hit hour 60 in the big fast, I've pretty much lost all desire to ever eat again. I'm really just not hungry anymore. Hopefully the hunger will come back tonight at 9 when I get to eat my first meal in 72 hours: 2 buffalo chicken sandwiches. I can't wait.

So, I got the weird sweating that people warned me about last night. I was just sitting there being hungry when all of the sudden I started sweating for like 15 minutes. Then, an hour later, same thing. Weird. I couldn't finish my 2 mile run for the first time in many months, which I blame on losing a lot of energy. But, the most shocking development.... Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale. 220. I figured I had lost a couple pounds, because I figured I had gained a couple pounds from a few nights out with Fabish, Polk, and Mullens, drinking beer and eating bar food. But today, I stepped back on the scale about 24 hours later. 216. No joke. 4 pounds in a day. Some may say that's all water weight, but I've been drinking a crapload of water, so I don't know if I believe that or not. Anyway, I also smell really bad, which I was also warned about.

Yesterday Jaimee and I went to the art show. It was a good day, and I only got slightly burned, which made it better. Those people are such a huge inspiration to me. They make art, then tour the country to sell it. What freedom. What a great career. I'm really not one who would like to tour the country all year, but I think it would be a blast to make some art, then hit a couple of mid-west art fairs during the summer or something. So that's my new goal.

It was interesting though. Most of the booths there had 1 style of painting/photography. Jaimee mentioned it, and I agreed, that my booth would not really just feature one thing. I love it all. Realistic illustration, cartoons, sculpture, etc. I'd probably have a little of everything. And I wouldn't charge billions of dollars for a print. Some of the PRINTS for sale cost like close to $200. That's ridiculous. A print only costs about $1 to make, and about 5 seconds for the artist to sign and number it. Some of these weren't even limited edition prints. Anyway.

So, that was that. Today I think I may head to Dick Blick and get some canvas to paint. I'm not a great painter, but I was inspired by some of the paintings we saw at the fair. Bright, colorful, cartoony ones that don't take a lot of painting experience to do.

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