In an effort

In an effort to put on as much weight as I can before the new weigh-in date of February 8, Polk, Brandon and I went out to Hoops and managed to eat 4 pieces of pizza each, as well as a healthy dose of brew.

After dinner Polk and I got pie. Sorry Brandon. I was about to drop Polk off and we were laughing about how funny it would be to get pie again, and all of the sudden pie started to sound really good, and well... the rest is history. We would have called you on your cell phone to let you know the updated plans, but... oh, wait.

Anyway, then I picked up Angie's dog and took her to my house to give Winnie a playmate for a few hours. I spent the rest of the night watching Celebrity Poker and making hourly trips to the restroom while my body tried to rid itself the 8,000 calories I'd just ingested. Side note... I don't think my body is done torturing me for what I did just yet. I suspect I'll be pooping at work, which I like to avoid whenever possible.

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