In an effort

In an effort to keep my mind off some of the stuff that it keeps drifting back to, I didn't get to see last week's episode the day it aired, unfortunately. I had to wait until Saturday. My guess was that Alonzo would be the one cut, since I find him not only the least funny, but also completely uninteresting in the house. I think Gary is hilarious, and I felt really bad for him to lose the roast after working so hard on it. I also assumed that roasting was all about swearing and insulting, and was pretty surprised when Gary was condemned for it.

So Gary lost, which meant that he was going to be one of the challengers. I lost all respect for Ant when he told Gary he wouldn't be voting for him since he didn't want to be challanged by him. I mean, dude, have some dignity.

Gary smashed Ant. It wasn't even close, in my mind. I didn't feel sorry at all for Ant, because I bet if he played the game a bit more fair he would have stayed longer. Instead he was a conspirator who played the game like it was Survivor. LCS should be about funny people in a house, not alliances whatever else. When it comes down to it, an alliance isn't going to keep anyone in the house. Gary proved that.

The show is already better to me with Ant gone. I'm not a fan of him or his humor. Not even a bit.

So in the most recent episode, they performed for kids. It wasn't really funny to me and, evidently, to the kids either. I respected John's technique of just telling the kids to vote for him and yell his name. Kids are stupid.

Jay vs. Gary couldn't have gone well either way. I like them both. I think Jay is pretty funny, but mostly I just think he's a good guy who has paid his dues and deserves a break. I also thought it was hilarious that Gary got all teary-eyed after making fun of John for crying in the second episode. Poor Gary. Poor Jay. This is where the alliance worked... it pitted 2 people together who weren't in the alliance because of a tie, and kicked off one of the funnier guys left. I don't think Tammy or Alonzo are funny at all, and in fact, I was shocked when she beat Todd Glass. He was robbed. Anyway, the point is that they're just in "ass saving" mode, which is really annoying to watch people who aren't funny on a stand up show.

My prediction for next week: Tammy vs. Gary. Tammy goes. I don't know why, but I think when it comes to having the voted out comics vote on who challenges, they'll get the most votes because they have the most enemies. Both Ant and Jay are going to be pissed at Gary, and Todd, ultra-vocal Todd, will be pissed at Tammy. Although I'm probably totally wrong.

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