Email still down. Still pissed off.

Anyhoo, I had this really weird dream last night. My mom took me on a trip to Greece, and while leaving the airport for our hotel, this guy came out of nowhere and offered us a trip to Heaven. I was a bit confused and asked for more details. He started walking away, so I quickly changed my mind and said I wanted to go. It cost me like $350 and he gave me a flight plan. It was really ambiguous, of course. I had to wait a few days before take off. In Greece, I was talking to a few people about the flight to Heaven. No one had taken it themselves, but everyone claimed to know someone who knew someone who did. As the day approached, I got more and more excited to see what it was all about.

The day the plane was supposed to take off, I got to the airport and the only people there were the people going to Heaven. We all had the same idea... we weren't going to "Heaven", but we were going to like Heaven, Greece or something like that. But either way, we were curious about what was going on.

Finally the guy who sold me the ticket showed up and got us onto our plane. Just as it took off, I woke up. And now I'm pissed off. I really think I would have gone to Heaven.

Anyway, I think that would make a really good short story. Considering I haven't written a short story since high school, I don't know if I'm the one who could pull it off. But maybe I'll give it a shot anyway.

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