Engaged, Part 2

Hill read my previous post about being engaged and thought it needed a little adjusting.

The line about us being happier after the wedding than before it doesn't mean we're not happy now, just that things keep getting better for us and will continue to do so. It's not that I'm not looking forward to planning the wedding, it's just that I'm looking forward to just being married. And the longer we plan means the longer we're waiting to be married.

So anyway, there's that. I love my fiance and can't wait to be married to her.

And the whole creative crisis about my lost hobby has, I think, also been solved. I want to do a web comic. I've had an idea in my brain since high school about a comic book, and while I haven't really read any comics for many, many years, I think it's a good idea to start finally putting this comic on paper and the web, seeing if anyone is interested in the story. I'm not expecting millions, just a creative outlet for me to draw and have people look at it.

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