I guess I could make a big long blog post about getting engaged and everything like that, but everyone who would be interested in that stuff already knows we're engaged, they know how it was done, and they've seen the ring. I can't wait to get on with the rest of my life with the woman I love and a life that gets better every single day. We're tying the knot on July 18th in Vegas, which makes this a thankfully short engagement. The less time we spend planning the wedding, the more time we have for our lives after the wedding which will obviously be better than the days before it.

Phew, so there's that.

Like my last few blog posts have mentioned, my work load has been crazy lately, in the best possible way. I'm very pleased to be so busy especially with the ring/wedding to pay for. But even as wonderfully as things are going with my relationship with Hill and with my career, I still feel like something is missing.

The "missing" is a hobby that I can invest some time in. I've always been a guy who has been productive and creative in his off time... Horror Junk was a fantastic hobby but I just ran out of steam with it. I do love horror movies, but let's be honest... making a hobby out of admiring someone else's hobby is kind of a lame premise that of course will run its course sooner than later. My happiest times were full of art and sketching and telling stories. I've been wanting for a long time to get more into my art and illustration, maybe with a web comic of some sort. Something new, creative, and not derivitive of anyone else's stuff.

But now with my success in freelancing I suddenly have even less time to pursue these side projects than I did before. One of the reasons I went freelance in the first place was to pursue my passion and spend less time on paying the bills, but just 7 months in it seems like I've already lost sight of that goal by consistently taking on work and doing it every spare minute of my day.

Again, I don't want to feel like I'm complaining or not grateful. This is a wonderful problem to have just 7 months into my freelancing career and in this economy, but in the meantime my Cintiq is sitting there rotting away.

I know freelancing is 'feast or famine' work, and man, I can't wait for the famine. I need more time to get my illustration career, or at least hobby, rollin'.

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