This entry is on time. Sort of.

Well, a little late, but that's all right.

Last night was NOT buffalo wing night. I'm still pissed off about it. It's a tender subject.

While I was at work I got an email from my dad telling me my aunt and uncle were going to be in town. They're from Kansas and I see them once... maybe twice a year, so I felt obligated to go back to my parent's and eat dinner there. Afterwards, I went back to my place and cleaned a little, then watched Chicken Run. A few friends wanted to come over, but this was the closest thing I've had to a night off in a long time, so I told them to stay where they were.

Tonight I'm going to see my grandma. She's not in the best of health, and I don't see her often. They're worried she may not last too much longer, so I really have to see her. I also really want a night off. A night I can just go home and go to sleep. I guess Christmas is not a good time to want that.

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