this entry will be a short one....

My job has actually given me work to do today. Will wonders never cease? I still haven't heard back from the company that's supposed to give me a new job, and I emailed my career services department at my old school to see what the dilly was. Here's what I got back from them:

Hi Tim,

I talked to them last week (Thurs. or Fri.), and he was interested in
contacting you, in fact he said he was going to. They probably just have
not had a chance yet. If you do not hear from him by Friday of this
week, I would go ahead and give him a call. Keep me posted!

What's the hold up, man? I just want a more interesting job than this one, is that too much to ask?

My carpet was mostly put down last night. It was supposed to be grey, but due to a mix up, it's brown. No big deal, it still looks good. The fucking carpet guys put a roll of carpet right on top of my speakers. Polk Audio speakers. I paid more than a grand for those damn things, and now they're all dusty and stuff. I'll know tonight if they still work. Otherwise they'll be buying me new speakers. They should anyway... ever tried to get dust out of speaker covers? It's not easy.

But I digress.

Me and a few friends watched Dawn of the Dead last night. They bitched the entire time the movie was playing. That movie is a classic. I told them they could leave, as I was trying to enjoy the movie, but they opted to stick around. Why can't they recognize great cinema? I mean, George Romero... The Living Dead trilogy... c'mon, does it get any better? Well, yeah, Sam Raimi and the Evil Dead trilogy, but other than that there are no better zombie movies.

Tonight a friend is cooking me dinner, then we'll watch another movie probably. I won't have cable for another week and a half, so I'll make due with my DVDs and the 3 public stations we get here.

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