Every time I

Every time I feel like updating this stupid thing, LJ is all slow and retarded. Anyway.

I went to take care of Jack with my dad last night, and the little bugger wouldn't stop puking all over the place. It was really gross. I'll feed him, but I refuse to burb him. So last night I was feeding him and gave him to my dad to do the burping. My dad wouldn't stop talking about how Jack doesn't burp up anything, he just burps. So, he demonstrated. Jack burped, but there was no vomit. Then my dad was making fun of me for not wanting to do it, and 5 seconds later his whole right side was covered in baby vomit. I thought that was funny.

My sister gave me a gift certificate to Papa John's and to Kohl's for painting her nursery for her. So, today I went and picked up some new pants, which I have needed for a long time. I looked at some apartments, and bought some T-shirts and transfer paper for this other project I'm working on. I was going to stop by a friend of my dad's place and hopefully get some work, but now it's around lunchtime, so I'll go around 2 or so.

It's like 75 here and I can't put the top down on my Jeep. My back door is all messed up from that guy running into it, and the back window slides into the door. So, since I can't open the door, I can't take out the back window. And since I can't take out the back window, I can't put the top down. I'm really disappointed.

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