With the exception

With the exception of the jogging incident, it was a pretty good night last night. After work I went home to a home cooked meal, then out to Circuit City to buy up a few DVDs, including American Splendor, Kill Bill, and Ghostbusters.

I got an introductory packet to my new job yesterday, and I can't freaking wait to start. In addition to the noon on Fridays bonus, I also get 1 hour per week to exercise on company time as long as I exercise 1 hour per week on my own time. Hopefully a few weeks of that and no one will yell mean things at me from their cars anymore. I guess it won't be an issue because I'll be exercising indoors in their little gym in the building. As it stands now, I'm planning to go in early everday, but since I like sleeping in so much, I'm not sure how long that'll last.

A guy just walked by with a dolly full of about 40 gallons of milk. I can't imagine 1 reason why he'd need that in Northwoods.

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