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Exciting news on the job hunt. Sort of. I still have no interviews set up or anything, but I just called Dynamic Graphics back as I was instructed to do. I talked to Lisa, the hiring manager, who had absolutely no idea who I was, which was discouraging after the last lady knew my name after mentioning it in passing. So Lisa told me that she'd looked at all the resumes and hadn't called anyone back for an interview because they were all unqualified. She didn't even remember my name, so she couldn't tell me exactly what I had done wrong or why I was unqualified. I pushed the issue a bit, and she finally admitted that there was a small stack of resumes she hadn't looked at yet. She looked through them and found mine while I was talking to her, and everything she asked I had a response for. It was a good introductory phone call, and I was proud of myself for being a bit more forceful than I usually am. Normally I would have just accepted the fact that I was unqualified and hung up, but I'm so certain I'm actually OVERqualified that I was a bit insulted.

Anyway, she said for me to call back in the early part of next week. She didn't promise an interview, but I'm still closer than I was before. So that's good.

And more jobs keep popping up in the classifieds which are actually really suited to me. It's weird to see multiple listings which would use my degree and my training after a long period of only McDonald's and nursing entries. One of the openings for an Illustrator is at a company who employs a former salesman for Iona. Normally this would work in my favor, but said salesman was the one involved the conspiracy when I "got someone fired" from Iona. So that may not work in my benefit afterall.

And finally, Dana saw an opening at Cat for a job which I'm totally qualified for. The pay is a bit less than I was making at Iona, but the oppurtunity for advancement at Cat is huge. While I'm not a big fan of "working for the man", I'm a big fan of paying my bills on time and getting out of credit card debt. Plus if I get a referral and a chance to submit my resume before the job is even posted in public, I may get the job without a fight or any competitors.

So that's my big stories on the employment front.

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