An exciting week

An exciting week at work so far. Yesterday was my premiere, where the 5 minute video I shot and edited was displayed for the company. It went over well with laughs at the right places and a lot of "good jobs" following. I volunteered to pass out candy to everyone, not knowing that part of the deal was that I dressed up like a pirate during the job, since that's the theme of this "get to know your coworkers" week. There were 4 pirates who were forced to get in front of the company while the CEO said good things about us. Remarkably, I didn't care much about standing in front of 200 people dressed like a pirate. I was much more nervous to let everyone see my video. It's one thing to look like an idiot because of how you're dressed... it's another thing completely to look like an idiot because you've made a shitty video you think is good but no one else does.

Anyway, so that was that.

Oh yeah, has been a huge success so far! Okay, less huge and more mediocre, hitting 14 registered users. I suspect the first 100 or so will be difficult to get. After that, it'll be easy as pie.

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