Well, since Wednesday I've been keeping myself on a really strict diet of Lean Cuisines and well... nothing else. If my math is correct, I was consuming in the vicinity of 800-1000 calories per day, balanced out with running 4 miles and walking 3 or so. By yesterday, I was feeling exhausted and, I'll admit, a tad sickly. I decided maybe losing those 3 pounds isn't worth messing up my body and metabolism. So I went to Taco Bell.

Man, oh man, Taco Bell is my hero and savior. As that last bite of quesadilla made it down my throat, I realized I'd made a wise decision. Energy was restored to my whole body and I felt like I could take on the world. Instead, I just went running 4 miles as the Taco Bell worked itself out of my system. If you know what I mean. Yes, I had to run about a mile and a half with my sphincter clenched shut as I tried not to bend my legs at the knees. Angie was there to witness the event, and didn't complain a whole lot when I made her stop at The Gateway Building as I relieved the pressure. I felt a whole lot better after that.

Anyway, so now I think my body is all freaking out and purging itself or something, since I've lost more weight this weekend than should be considered healthy. Still, I'm feeling good and, because of the Taco Bell I'm sure, have no trouble finishing my 4 miles, then following that up with some weight lifting. I just need to avoid cheddar wursts (now called Better Cheddars for those interested) and beer. In this kind of weather, that temptation is hard to resist.

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