Fabish got his

Fabish got his humidor (is that the right spelling?) last night. It came with 25 cigars, so when I got home, Fabish was all excited to go smoke one with me. Unfortunately, our landlord made us get rid of our furniture outside, so we didn't have anywhere to sit.

The only reasonable thing we could do was to go out and buy some more. Since we were running errands anyway, Fabish wanted to get some more fish, and I wanted to pick up Bruce Campbell's book. So we got that done and started looking for furniture. We wanted it to be comfortable, nice looking, and cheap. Unfortunately, that combination doesn't exist. Finally we just decided our best course of action would be to steal some from our parents. We went back to the apartment without furniture.

We ordered Avanti's delivery, and called KJ to come over as Fabish and I sat on the stairs and smoked cigars. After our dinner and a few run ins with the crazy old lady, we went back inside. KJ and Fabish played NHL 2001 on the Playstation, and I watched for a while, but then went back to my bedroom to read Bruce's book. No offense to Bruce, but it put me to sleep pretty quickly. I fell asleep way before my bed time for the first time in a long time.

This will be my last post for a while. I'm meeting Bruce Campbell on Monday and Tuesday, which I'm pretty pumped about. While I'm gone, I need a very important question answered for me... Cigar humidors: are they supposed to keep the cigars moist or dry?

My mouth tastes like crap this morning from that cigar.

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