Fame and fortune, here I come.

Well I made my 3rd or 4th appearance on the news last night, being interviewed for my super-awesome dodgeball skillz. I didn't see the report, but I guess my parents have it TiVoed, so I'll see it eventually. Sounds pretty hilarious.

And in other fame and fortune news, Wolfie and I debuted our Joe Lynch interview on our amateur podcast, and it got a very warm reception. Viewership is stable, and we're expanding and improving the show in really great ways very, very soon.

We've gotten some really encouraging emails from people who may be able to help us and our little show out, and I'm excited to see where it ends up going.

But one thing is has gotten us... a part in an upcoming horror movie! Nothing huge, just a line or 2 in a very amateur production, but I'm still totally excited about playing a small role in a horror movie. Wolfie and I will be getting some backstage footage for our own show, interviewing actors and the director and getting some sweet "behind the scenes" type of action. It should be a good opportunity for our show and, of course, for ourselves.

It's weird to think our amateur little podcast is actually reaching people and getting attention and getting emails and getting fans. I can't wait until the shows are actually well produced, well lit, well edited... I think good things are going to happen with it.

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