Fasting: Hour 38.

Yeah, it's been 38 hours since I've put anything other than non-caloric beverages in my body. The last thing I ate: Fried mushrooms at Kouri's. It was a good last supper.

My weekend was excellent. Friday night I went to a barbeque at Fabish's (free, of course), where I saw people I hadn't seen in some time. I was sure it was going to be the night when the wedding party was announced, but alas, it wasn't. Afterwards I went to Kouri's with Polk, and after that I went to a midnight show of Office Space.

Fasting is going well. Yesterday was way harder than today has been (so far). I keep waiting to expel the toxins and such, but I'm not even sure I could tell when that happens. We'll see.

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