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As jaimee mentioned, we saw feardotcom tonight. My review is a bit less angry sounding, but still a definite thumbs down.

I hate hating this movie. It makes me sad. Sure, it had a weak plot and bad acting and uninspired direction, but it was a horror movie, so that was to be expected. The only part I liked about it: No self-refential bullshit made famous by Scream. It at least TRIED to be a real, scary movie.

And now the spoilers.

Why I hated this movie: It tried to be 5 different movies at once. Horror movies are very formulaic, and that's one of the greatest things about them. When you try something different it never works.

So, this movie had many plots. 1. Serial killer doctor who kills women on camera for the web. 2. Detective movie tracking down the killer. 3. Ghost movie, with the visions of the little girl with the ball. 4. Supernatural horror, with the killer who is made of energy. 5. Sci-Fi horror, with the whole "internet" and "computer" and "feardotcom.com" nonsense. I think I would have liked the movie if it had picked one of the above 5 and stuck with it rather than adding stuff that didn't have anything to do with anything.

And the ending. What a terrible ending.

It was long and boring, and resorted to cheap camera tricks and loud noises to be scary. It also resorted to fast moving, distorted images with blood and stuff to try and be unsettling and horroriffic. It failed. It was more annoying than it was scary. Plus, horror movies need to be like an hour and a half, tops. At just under 2 hours, this movie was way, way, way too long.

In other news, today marks my 1 year anniversary of being a freelancer. That's right. 1 year ago I up and quit my good ole stable job in favor of starting my own business, only to have varying degrees of success with it. I have a lot to say about it, but I think maybe I'll save it up for my 2nd year anniversary on LJ, which is coming up in like a month and a half.

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