a few random things.

  1. Jack Johnson's new album really makes me wish I could make music.

  2. I need to spend less time with PHP and more time with a paintbrush. But I also need to finish more projects I start. This is my dilemma.

  3. Winnie is one of the reasons why my life is so utterly and disgustingly perfect. Here's a video of her sitting on the floor of my doorless Jeep with her silly head hanging out of the side.

  4. Mother's Day was good. It was spent at my sister's house, with me being amazed at how smart kids are when they're so young. Jack went on and on about a dream he had about kangaroos and Peter is up to around a dozen words. It's amazing the complicated sentences and directions a 3 year old can understand.

  5. Work is crazy busy with the new website and the presentations and the random graphic design job thrown into the mix. But its all fun stuff and I'm really enjoying it. Plus being crazy busy makes the day go fast.

  6. I keep seeing Wolfie and Jill when I'm walking to lunch. I wish I had an hour break so I could eat with someone. Eating by yourself is fine and all, but it gets boring.

  7. The carts are back, but not yet in full force. I love eating outside with the kids singing or playing in their bands, with their artwork hanging up all around the courtyard. It just makes it really difficult to go back to work.

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