Finally got Steve

Finally got Steve, my old boss at Iona, on the phone and had a chit-chat about my career and where I'm going. He said, as I expected, that they don't have anything open and available for me at the moment but would keep me in mind for the future. I told him that I may be going back to school and switching fields entirely, and that seemed to concern him. But, that's also 2 years down the road and there's plenty of time for a position to reopen at Iona. So, we'll see.

And in the meantime, I have my interview with Stephanie Mullens tomorrow about this Verizon gig. I feel better after talking to Steve and realizing that I won't be back on at Iona in the near future, and I can take this Verizon deal without wondering what would have happened if I had tried harder to get in touch with Steve. It's a shame that the economy sucks so bad.

He also brought up the TV thing and the newspaper stuff, which I thought was funny. I warned him about me being in the paper again soon, and he commented that it was pretty funny that I've gotten all this notarity in my self-employed days which equals roughly nothing monetarily. Funny, and also depressing. Arg.

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