It took almost a week, but I finally got 3 people to comment on my last post. Which means it's time for a brand new one. So, what have I been up for the past few days? Let's see if I can remember.

Christmas I went out to my parent's and opened presents. I got some cool stuff, including a George Foreman grill, an industrial strength drill, some shoes, a sweater, a book of poems from Ethan Coen, a wireless keyboard and mouse, etc. After I left my parents I just sort of sat around for the rest of the day and did nothing in particular.

The next day I finally started painting my sister's nursery. I made good progress but I'm not finished yet. I actually spent a few days going over there every day, eating dinner with them, and watching a movie or something.

Steph came over one night and we drank some and watched Comedy Central. On Wednesday my family from Georgia got into town, so I went out to dinner with all of them. I won't mention either of my cousin's weird obsessive compulsive behavior, since this is neither the time nor place. On Friday they all came over to watch a movie. After the movie, I went out with Brian Kelly, his sister Julia, and Jason Smalley. We went to this bar downtown I had never been to called F. Scott's. I drank more than I probably should have and woke up more hungover than I expected to.

Last night me and Brian went out to dinner, then picked up Alan and went to Jukebox Comedy Club to watch some stand up, which was hilarious, and get sort of tipsy. After the show we came back and watched some SNL before calling it a night sort of early.

Today was my family's last day in town, so we went out to breakfast before they headed back to Atlanta. After that, we packed up and headed out to Woodhull to visit my poor family again, with my cousin Val who I don't get to see often. We stayed longer than I would have liked, but it was okay I guess.

Then I made some phone calls in preparation for tomorrow's New Year's plans, and I really needed to talk to Brian Kelly. I called his house and learned that he had gone to John Zarr's place. Since I had no idea what the phone number was there, I just headed over to his house. I hung out with John, Scott, and Brian. We watched Assassins and joked around a bit. Good fun, good fun. I think I've covered just about everything that happened in my absence from LJ. I hope you've enjoyed it.

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