first bizarre diesel interaction

So I've got my diesel Jetta now, which means more often than not, when I'm pumping my gas I'm off on the far side of the gas station at an older, more worn out pump. Today I got gas on my way to work at the only pump in the gas station to not use one of those fancy automated credit card machines at the actual pump. I went inside to pay and the clerk could not stop asking me questions about maintenance, gas mileage, diesel availability. It was awesome to  have someone interested, but our conversation was tainted by his interesting take on the English language and hard to understand accent. Every time I answered his questions I had to repeat his question to make sure I got it right. Also I had to fight the urge to speak loudly to him, reminding myself that he wasn't deaf, he just didn't speak English well. I'm not sure why I was tempted to speak louder, but there ya go.

I got a free soda with my $25 gas purchase, and couldn't resist the Slim Jim at the counter top display. So that was my healthy breakfast. And man, that Slim Jim reminded me how much I absolutely love pretty much any food you can buy from a gas station. Diet soda, Corn Nuts, Cheetos, chocolate pudding cakes, and beef jerky. It's all a growing boy needs to survive.

In other news, my intense filtering of my comments has resulted in some really interesting spam-life comments. Here's my most recent and most favorite:

I haven't gotten anything done lately. Not much on my mind recently. I
just don't have much to say right now. My mind is like an empty room.

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