First I'm going

First, I'm going to bitch. Then, I'm going to stop.

The bitching... Yesterday one of my coworkers called me on the phone. It was about 10:30, and he wasn't in the office yet. He asked me "Did you tell me when you were leaving yesterday?" to which I replied "No. I stayed until 5, then I went home. I didn't know I needed permission...". He kept saying things like "I know I'm not your boss, but it would be nice if..." or "When you're working that closely with someone, it's a good idea to let them know where you're at" blah blah blah. Whatever. I don't need to send out a company email every time I go home for the night.

He got into the office at about 11, then at 4:30 he actually came to my cubicle to tell me he was heading home. What the hell is that about?

But, I was invited to eat lunch yesterday with the "cool kids" of the Iona Group.I know I was simply a replacement cool kid, since the usual one is off on some training or something. It was a good lunch. We just complained about things and made fun of people. Hopefully they'll invite me to go with them more often. I even told them about being scolded for leaving, and they just laughed and told me what a freak he was, then told me about 20 stories why no one likes him.

After work I picked up some art supplies for my figure drawing class. I had a little time to kill between work and the class, which I did on the phone, mostly. Then I was off to draw some naked people.

The class started with "warm up" exercises, where you're supposed to draw circles on your paper to loosen yourself up. No offense to the teacher, but this is lame. I don't need to do it. So, I didn't. I didn't feel like wasting some of my paper and charcoal on an exercise I didn't think was worth my time. Well, she made me. And when I tried to make it semi-interesting for myself, she grabbed my hand and showed me how to make a circle. It was a little degrading.

After the warm up, we went around the room and told everyone how experienced we were with this art thing. Now, there's 4 other people in the class, and I'm the youngest student by about 30 years, seriously. Most of them hadn't practiced in years, one had never done any figure drawing, and I think everyone expected me to say "I'm taking this class to see naked girls". Instead, I said "I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art about 8 months ago and haven't kept up with my drawing. I'm taking this class to get back in the swing of things." You could see everyone's jaws drop. This punk kid may actually have some skillz after all.

The teacher never grabbed my arm to show me how to make circles after that.

The class was great. It felt so good to do it again, after not doing it for so many months. I just got so into it, and was concentrating very hard on what I was doing. By the end, I had many pages of art I'm very pleased with. Even at my "peak", I don't think I ever was satisfied with everything I did. Last night, I was satisfied with everything.

The model was also very cute. She was a sophomore, studying psychology. We talked during the breaks, because I didn't really have a lot to say to those people who are older than my parents.

Then I went home, and Angie called me. I told her I had a "date" tonight, and she was all weirded out by it, saying I had a double life that she didn't know about, and etc. etc. etc. I told her that was probably more accurate than she knew, and she kept pushing me for the story. I told her that I would rather tell her and Mullens at the same time, in person. Of course, I guess I was being strange enough about it that she got worried. I don't like making people worried, so I offered her the whole story. She said she didn't want to hear it, but I knew she did. I told her anyway.

I told her everything... Girl X, where I REALLY was last Friday, etc. etc. She seemed relieved that it wasn't anything serious, and she kept saying it was "cool". I don't know. Whatever. So, that just leaves Mullens now.

This post has gotten mighty long. But I'm not done yet.

I waited up for Alan to get home, which is quite a bit later than I'm usually up. I had a favor to ask him. I asked him, then I went to sleep on my love seat, because a party was going on upstairs. I'm absolutely positive I was talking in my sleep, because I woke myself up by talking so loudly. I don't know what I was saying, and I don't remember what I was dreaming about, but I was definitely talking.

I didn't sleep much last night, and I'm much more awake than I have been lately. I should just stop sleeping and see where that leaves me.

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