First things first...

First things first... 226 this morning. Which puts me just 4 pounds shy of my goal for Saturday. It won't be a problem.

Second things second, I'm totally looking forward to Valentine's Day. I don't know why exactly, since its certainly not a holiday invented for us single types. Maybe I'm looking forward to living vicariously through other's Valentine's happiness, or maybe I'm remembering how miserable last year's Valentine's was even with a significant other. Or maybe my life is just so fantastic right now that I can't get down about something as silly as not having a girlfriend on a fake holiday.

I don't particularly have any plans for the big day either. My half-girlfriend is working until after I'm asleep, and all my other friends have girlfriends or fiances or wives or significant others. And yet somehow, I'm still thinking it will be a good day.

Maybe I'm just learning to focus all my bitterness toward bad drivers and not on other things.

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