Forget those changes I talked about.

Okay, there will still be changes, just of a completely different nature. I've learned my lesson about posting really personal (especially career-related) stuff in a public forum, so I'm going to avoid all that. But the curious out there are more than welcome to email me about the changes in my life and the decisions that have been keeping me awake at night.

In other news, I got my MacBook and... wow. That thing is sweet. I'm looking forward to being a 1 computer guy (except, of course, for the computer that handles all the downloading of my pirated movies and such). The MacBook will be my only system. I realize this makes me a huge computer geek and maybe a tad bit pathetic, but I can't remember the last time I didn't have 2 or 3 computers for different functions of my life. I really think getting rid of all my other computers and monitors and peripherals will be a big step towards the overall simplification of my life. Which, yes, I'm still working on. It seems like I get rid of about a trashbag full of junk every week, plus the stuff I'm selling on eBay and stacking up for my eventual garage sale.

Kinda symbolic, I guess. Out with the bad (in every area of my life) and in with the good. I'm much better off this way.

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